Seminar for Companies


Traffic safety education has great importance in our daily business. Each company wishes to have an effective seminar so that all the employees will have responsibility as a professional driver. If you have interest in an effective traffic safety seminar, we would like to help you based on our long-time experiences.

We are looking forward to your contact.


Consulting Service

For all driving school owners
In FCA DRIVING SCHOOL, we provide the consulting service to all driving schools in Japan.
We give suggestions about instructors, course planning, training methods and training of office personnel etc.For more information, please contact us at any time.

Professional Biography of the consultant

  • Work experience in designated driving school: 20 years
  • Acquisition of designated license: regular motor vehicle:1time
    regular motorcycle:2times
    large- sized motorcycle:2times
  • Certificates of qualification
    Certificate of driving instructor
    (large size vehicles, regular motor vehicles, medium vehicles, towing vehicles, regular motorcycles, large-sized motorcycles)
    Certificate of examiner(large size vehicles, regular motor vehicles, medium vehicles regular motorcycles and large-sized motorcycles)
    Driving instructors proficiency, elderly short course instructor, Emergency-relief activities instructor

Safe Driving Training Programs

Preventing occupational accidents of drivers

  • Individual driving aptitude test
  • Recent traffic accident statistics
  • Group discussion
  • Sharing information about the accidents that happen at work places
  • Sharing the situation that nearly caused an accident

Eco driving

  • How to start and stop
  • Unnecessary idling during standby
  • Safe speeding according to traffic conditions

After a nap, Highways, Bad weather, Earthquake

  • Studying about the driving when returning to the office